RHB Bank to Expand Growth Within SEA Market

RHB Bank Prepared to Lead the Foreign & Local Financial Markets

Presently, RHB Bank is among the leaders of the financial sector in Malaysia. With foundations set in Ten countries within SEA region including Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Vietnam, and Thailand; RHB Bank is confident to expand faster by providing banking facilities which will help both businesses and individuals depending on their respective needs. RHB Bank views this as one way of many to serve customers better.

Possessing a savings account or even perhaps a current account happens to be staple yet underrated. In order to make sure account holders may gain advantage the most from their savings, RHB Bank has offered more competitve interest rate compared to the other banks. Moreover, they’ve improved the transaction services by both adding more ATM and CDM machines in branches and various other designated locations as well as creating an internet based banking services platform, RHB Now for their consumers.

The shift from traditional purchasing method using cash to cashless methodhas also increased the demand for credit cards. As proven beyond doubt through the statistics from many researches conducted, the acceptance towards e-payment method by the public is showing dramatic growth. Hence, credit cards are becoming more popular as card holders can really make online purchase easily.

What’s more, as RHB sees the critical need to produce a good sense of balance between demand and supply, they also have launched a credit card scheme that provides special reward to the card holders that can be enjoyed as they simply utilize it for either offline or online transactions.

Individuals will in most cases want more than credit cards and saving accounts, and RHB understands that well. At the moment, many have struggled to get a loan to acquire assets such as homes & cars. For that reason, the Bank proceeded to come up with a loan scheme that benefits either side with the lowest interest rate for a wide range of loan types. In addition to that, individuals may be able to subscribe many kinds of insurance plan and make financial investment with the Bank.

For enterprises and entrepreneurs, corporate banking facilities are provided. They may take business loan or simply engage with RHB for corporate & investment banking. Looking to make certain that their solutions are the very best, RHB in addition has offered online cash management and asset management services.

SMEs can actually benefit from the wide variety of services provided by RHB Bank, in particular when it comes to taking loans to help increase cashflow and further buildup the business. RHB has also begin innovating by providing retail solutions to customers who needs it, particularly e-commerce players.

Despite this, focus on the highly demanded Islamic banking facilities has not been an oversight. RHB Bank understands that there is a high amount of request from the public to produce Syariah-compliant financial instruments. As a result of that, they’ve already set up wealth management, corporate banking, Islamic treasury, unit trust, and a variety of other services that follows the Syariah guideline to the public.

In 2016, RHB Bank have witnessed a 24% annual brand value growth, causing them to be amongst the top five players in Malaysia. Knowing the full potential of the forthcoming financial market, RHB Bank is ready with a lot of aggressive strategies in ensuring a steady increase of growth throughout the next few years.

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