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recruiting new employees jobstreet

Change up the way you recruit with Jobstreet.

Running a business isn’t as simple as working hard, it is about working tactically too. Different factors like for example timing, product offering, kind of audience and the right tactic must be planned for boosting the overall performance of your organization further.

The key ingredient to a successful enterprise is obtaining top individuals on your team. When you have a fabulous team, there are not any stumbling-blocks your business enterprise cannot rise above. If the company is made up of talents with all the critical abilities and mindset, this is conclusive evidence that together, your business will achieve sustained accomplishment.

The traditional methods of recruiting new employees can be a wearisome routine. It resulted in time loss and typically increases the stress on workload. The only way opening information got across was through advertising in newspaper publications, word-of-mouth and posting job vacancies on bulletin boards. Individuals scarcely had access to technology. As a result, it was tricky to keep an eye on the applicant’s progress to check and balance.

recruiting new employees jobstreet

The introduction of computers and the online world offers us a beacon of hope when acquiring individuals. Today, online recruitment will let you reach a much broader scope of individuals, worldwide. It also deflates time constraints, significantly eliminates the cost and minimizes wastage of resources.

Mark Chang Mun Kee first established Jobstreet in 1997 with the hope to provide an Internet-based system to match talent and firms. Approximately a decade down the road, it’s now considered one of Southeast Asia’s best-rated online employment marketplace. At present, SEEK Asia serves 80 thousand clients and 11 million candidates by simplifying the communication and matching of career opportunities between recruiters and job searchers.

Jobstreet prioritizes its subscribers by giving a selection of premium services. Such as to simplify the steps needed to build a professional user profile and seek out their desired job opportunities. Having its magic ingredients, job ads are posted by hiring managers to match with prospective candidates. With Jobstreet’s talent search feature, the journey to locating your next qualified applicant is as active as ever.

With its extensive data pools, advanced employee filtering systems and groundbreaking communication tools, Jobstreet has changed the way you hire. The procedure of recruiting the highest-performing candidate is as fluid than in the past.

Jobstreet first established its headquarters in Malaysia, and then in 2014, it was taken over by SEEK Limited, internet job recruitment corporation located in Australia. It has since spread to Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, as well as Hong Kong. The mission of the company is to correctly match candidates with employers of the first status across Southeast Asia.

If you are a company looking to hire, visit https://www.jobstreet.com.sg/en/cms/employer/product-services/talent-search/ to find your star employee today.

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