Here Are 5 Activities You Can Do in Desaru

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Desaru is a coastal resort area in Johor, Malaysia. Every year from November to February, the monsoon wind and rain lash the coast, but once the rainy season ends, it is a perfect location for a beach retreat.

Although Desaru isn’t as developed as Kuala Lumpur or well-known as the other beaches in Malaysia like Port Dickson or Pulau Langkawi, it doesn’t mean that it’s not a decent place for a holiday getaway.

There are many activities available, suitable for families, couples or even solo travellers in Desaru. Here are some things you can do in Desaru:

Beach activities

The beaches in Desaru are the main reason why tourists and locals flock to this area. The coastal area stretches to 22 kilometres of white sand filled with various resorts for visitors to relax.

Besides chilling on the beach, you can go snorkelling, fishing, surfing, jet skiing and many more.

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Ostrich farm

If you haven’t seen the largest bird in the world yet, take the opportunity to see them while you’re in Desaru!

The Desaru Ostrich Farm is your chance to get close and personal with more than 100 ostriches. Learn interesting facts about the big birds as a tour guide brings you around the farm and possibly get close to an ostrich egg!  

Desaru Fruit Farm

Malaysia is known for its various delicious tropical fruits. If you’ve only seen them in the supermarket or on fruit stalls, perhaps you should check out the Desaru Fruit Farm.

The 180-acre farm houses a large variety of fruits, plants and flowers where you can see farmers pluck the fruits from their trees. Although you can’t harvest the fruits yourself, the farm sells their produce to you.

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Eating seafood

As Desaru’s close to the sea, it’s not a mystery that seafood is a part of the local delicacy.

You can find plenty of seafood restaurants serving prawns, crabs and fishes prepared in different cooking styles anywhere while you’re in Desaru. However, one of the more well-known restaurants is the Jade Garden Seafood Corner, famous for its fresh young lobster.


If you’re not a fan of the beaches or getting close with nature or the animals, you can go golfing instead.

One of the popular golf establishments is the Desaru Golf & Country Club. Renowned American golf course architect Robert Trent Jones Jr designed an 18-hole golf course here in 1984, using the land’s natural jungle terrain.


Unlike what most people might think, Desaru isn’t a boring place with zero activities to do. Besides its pristine beaches, there are plenty of activities suitable for everyone there.

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